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Dr. Ashley Hayden, MD           Dr. Robert Kinast, MD

Dr. Kinast is an eye surgeon, educator and inventor in Portland, OR.  He teaches glaucoma fellows, ophthlamology residents and patients at the Devers Eye Institute.

Dr. Hayden graduated from Yale University and the University of Southern California Medical school.  She has pivoted to entrepreneurship after ophthalmology residency.

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As an ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist, Dr. Robert Kinast, MD often hears the fear and concern in the voices of his patients using eye drops at home.  Dr. Kinast works as a Clinical Scientist and surgeon at Devers Eye Instute and a Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University.  He regularly encounters patients who struggled to put in their eye drops.  Dr. Kinast invented and tested GentleDrop and found that it was a simple and elegant solution not previously available to patients.

Dr. Kinast paired with Dr. Ashley Hayden to bring GentleDrop to you.  GentleDrop is fabricated from non-toxic silicone and clinically proven to improve your drop experience.  GentleDrop will fit most eye drop bottles including over the counter artificial tears and prescription medications. 

Order GentleDrop soon and experience the easiest way to use your drops. 

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