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At GentleDrop, we know you work hard to provide the best for your patients.  As physicians ourselves, we invented GentleDrop as a way to make life and eye care easier for those in need.  Several of our patients asked us how to make using eye drops easier and we tested the device in a clinical trial.  We are confident your patients will appreciate GentleDrop as part of their eye care routine.

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Post Operative

Cataract and glaucoma surgery patients often struggle with post procedure medications.  GentleDrop will be a superior experience for your post-op patients.

Eye Exam

Glaucoma Patients

GentleDrop can help your patients use the medications that can save their vision.  Compatible with almost all cylindrical bottles, help improve their eye drop use with GentleDrop.

Doctor's Appointment

Clinically Tested

GentleDrop was clinically tested and results published in Ophthalmology Glaucoma.  For 50 patients, GentleDrop reduced bottle tip trauma and preferred by 47 of 50 patients.

Thank you for your interest in GentleDrop.  We have product available for bulk orders if you reach out to us at  Please note that GentleDrop is only available for resale in clinics and on sites restricted to eye care providers.  Bulk sales are available for resale for brick and mortar retail locations such as optometry and ophthalmology offices, optical shops, and pharmacies. Bulk sales are not intended for resale online without expressed written permission from GentleDrop.

Have you received your code for bulk orders already?  Click below to purchase GentleDrop for your clinic. 

Curious about a sample or a call with our founders?  Please email us at

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