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  • Does my Eye Drop Bottle Fit?
    GentleDrop is compatible with cylindrical bottles of 5,10, 15 ml. Please refer to our Compatibility Guide here.
  • How do I use GentleDrop?
    1. Slide GentleDrop over the thickest part of your eye drop bottle. 2. Rest the bottle on the bridge of your nose. 3. Tip your head back. 3. Use your other hand to carefully pull down your lower lid. 4. Squeeze bottle as you normally would.
  • Is GentleDrop Clinically proven to work?
    Yes! GentleDrop is clinically proven to: Prevents Eye Injury Increases Patient Satisfaction Reduces Drop Waste Click here for more information.
  • Can I reuse GentleDrop?
    Yes! GentleDrop can be used with all your eye drops and is not a disposible item. We do not recommend you share GentleDrop with other people.

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